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At Galatea we specialise in developing high quality content that can be delivered via a number of online mechanisms, including:

• Website content
• Blogs
• Online glossaries and reference materials
• E-newsletters
• Interactive PDFs using the latest page-turning software

Key aspects of the deliverables are that they all must deliver information to the audience in a clear and concise way, explaining technological aspects in a straightforward manner that can be understood by IT professional and business manager alike.

Because of our general publishing expertise we recognise the need for information to be structured in an intuitive way that enables the reader to navigate their way around it, and we bring this understanding to the online resources we develop.

Client example:
We were responsible for writing the bulk of the IT and e-commerce content of the Business Link website, which is intended to provide practical advice for UK businesses all sizes, particularly the SME community.

This work involved us in authoring over 50 separate guides, which were then interlinked in such a way as to provide one cohesive information resource. The work was undertaken to a strict timetable and all deadlines were successfully met. 

Business Link website: